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Library reading area.
Casual library reading area.

    The Atascadero High School Library welcomes students to:

    Read, Find books to read for pleasure and explore your interests

    Do research

    Study individually or in groups

    Use the computer lab for school assignments.


GREYT Talks Kristen and Tony- Software Engineers at Amazon

February 28

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Links to various research and informational sites.

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Friendly library staff.

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Come and enjoy our collection of library books or newspapers. The library also provides every textbook used at AHS for student use while in the library. Students can use computers to type reports, search the Internet, access their school gmail accounts or check Aeries for assignments and grades. Several SLO County of Education approved databases are available for researching through the ETC Portal.


Rules in the library are simple:
Respect People and Respect Property!
And please….finish your food outside


Monday - Friday 7:00 am - 3:30 pm
Events or activities may close the library. A notice will be posted
 and announced in the bulletin.

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