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Career Visions

September 20
Career Vision Minute:   Did you know that there are 11 California Community Colleges that offer on-campus housing options that are far more affordable than you even living at home because you can use your financial aid to assist you with the expenses.  From the beautiful campus in Mammoth Lakes where you can enjoy skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer, to Taft which is less than 2 hours away.

September 19
Career Vision Minute:   Do you need help preparing for your ACT, PSAT, SAT, and AP tests?  Learning Express is a free online program you can access with your SLO County Library Card that will help you practice.  Reminder, there are also fee waivers available for those who qualify and need help paying to take all the tests. 

September 18
Career Vision Minute:  Looking to make some extra money?  Jack Creek Farm is looking to hire you this fall.  Days and Hours are flexible.  Help with the pumpkin patch, painting harvest displays, customer service or watering plants. 

September 12th
Career Vision Minute:
  Stop by the Library to visit the Sports book display and watch a PowerPoint about jobs with basketball.  You can also get information about local jobs and classes related to sports. A special study hall presentation called Jobs in Sports will also be held on  Wednesday, September 20th in the library.  Ask your teacher for a pass to attend.

September 13th
Career Vision Minute:
  September is National Hat Month.  You can actually major in Millinery, which is the art of Hat Making, at FIDIM or get started taking classes online at the Hat Academy now to start practicing and see if it is a career for you.  



September 14th
Career Vision Minute:  Students, want some extra spending money just for doing your homework?  If you have to make a PowerPoint for a class assignment this year, you can make extra money by uploading it to a website called Teachers Pay Teachers.  Busy Teachers may then buy it to use in their own classes when they teach about that subject.  You can also make art work, worksheets, templates, and other educational material to sell for grades pre-k to college.  Who better to make materials for students than students!  


September 7th
Career Vision Minute:
  Today is national Sausage Day, did you know you can enter an apprentice program and earn while you learn through the professional meatcutters and sausage makers union? 


September 8th
Career Vision Minute:
  Did you know you can start working towards a Psychiatric Technician position at Atascadero State Hospital as soon as you graduate and be hired in a full time job within a year?  They have a job fair TOMORROW, stop by at talk to them to learn more.  http://dsh.ca.gov/Atascadero/docs/Career_Fair_September_2017.pdf


September 11th
Career Vision Minute:
As you remember the September 11th attacks, have you thought about a degree in National Security?  Check out the Global Security Intelligence Program at Embry Riddle University.


May 25
Career Vision Minute: 
Do you really like airplanes, but you’re not sure you want to fly them?  Mt San Antonio Community College and Sacramento City College both offer Air Traffic Control degrees that will train you to work at an airport in the control room.  For links, check out the Counseling page of our AHS website.

May 24
Career Vision Minute: 
Enjoy woodworking or love music?  Did you know you can go to college to major in Guitar Making at Palomar Community College in North San Diego?  Start your own business making custom guitars or get a job at Guitar Center or Fender Guitars!  For links, check out the Counseling page of our AHS website.

May 23
Career Vision Minute: 
Are you bilingual or do you love learning new languages?  Have you ever thought about becoming a court certified interpreter?  While you don’t need a college degree, classes at the college level can help prepare you to take the exam.  Laney, Merced, and Pasadena Community Colleges are just a few that have programs that can help prepare you.  For links, check out the Counseling page of our AHS website.

May 22
Career Vision Minute: 
Do you love gazing up at the stars?  Did you know you can earn a certificate in how to operate telescopes, astro imaging equipment, and other machines used by observatories at San Mateo Community College?  For links, check out the Counseling page of our AHS website.

May 19
Career Vision Minute: 
The SLO Little Theater is doing general auditions for their upcoming season of shows on June 3rd.  Sign up ASAP to reserve a spot for upcoming shows.  There is also a free audition workshop taking place May 28th.  Annie, Lost in Yonkers, and A Christmas Story are just a few of the shows you could get cast in.  For links, check out the Counseling page of our AHS website.

May 18
Career Vision Minute:  Looking to earn some community service hours?  The “Best of the West” show is coming to Santa Margarita over Memorial Day weekend.  This show has antique tractors, farm equipment, parades, military displays, and children’s activities.  You can sign up to volunteer.  For links, check out the Counseling page of our AHS website.

May 16
Career Vision Minute
Are you the one in your family that is good with directions and is always in charge of assembling things like BBQs, bikes, tents, and furniture?  Did you know there are companies that hire people to go to places like Walmart and Lowes to do this type of thing?

May 15
Career Vision Minute
Seniors, did you know you only need to take 3.5 credits at Cuesta to be able to work in a lab drawing blood as a phlebotomist?  With the Cuesta promise Grant, these classes are free and you can go straight to work after passing a state exam!  

May 12
Career Vision Minute
Have you always wanted to go to a private college, but the high cost just doesn’t make sense?  Grand Canyon University, in Arizona, is the first private Christian college that has pricing very similar to a California State University. 

May 11
Career Vision Minute
Do you currently pay for a gym membership, sport instruction, or dance, art, or music classes?  Did you know with the Cuesta promise Grant, you no longer have to after your senior year of high school?  That is right, you can take all these classes at Cuesta, for FREE!!!  Start saving money by taking these classes at Cuesta instead, or check out things you always wanted to but could not afford. 

May 10
Career Vision Minute
Did you know that it only takes 8.5 units at Cuesta to become an EMT?  And the best part is that it is free with the Cuesta promise Grant if you go right after you graduate.  This is a great way to test the waters with a career in emergency response before jumping into school full time to be a doctor, fire fighter, nurse, etc.  For links, check out the Counseling page of our AHS website.

May 9
Career Vision Minute
Love to drive?  Have you thought about it as a job opportunity?  Did you know you can get your California Commercial Driver’s License at just 18?  You just can’t cross state lines until you are 21.

May 8
Career Vision Minute
Looking for community service opportunities?  There is a great organization called GleenSLO that helps transfer excess crops to local food banks.  You, your group, or your class can help by volunteering to help harvest excess fruit and vegetables at local fields, or you can donate surplus from your own ranch or farm.  They also have some great leadership and advocacy volunteer positions to help build your resume, especially if you are in the Agriculture Mechanics or Agriscience Pathways!

May 5
Career Vision Minute
Are you learning ceramics, art, welding, or woodworking and really enjoying it?  Here is an interesting twist: there are companies that take things to a new level by incorporating cremated ashes of loved family members or pets into their art and handicrafts.  Your art can skyrocket in value! Wooden Urns, sculptures, paintings, jewelry, and so much more are all popular.  A portrait with ashes mixed into the paint will earn you $600 at one popular site. 

May 4
Career Vision Minute
Want to play Tinker Bell, Iron Man, Marry Poppins, Mickey Mouse, or a character from Starwars?  Maybe a character role is not your thing but you love to sing, play an instrument, dance, do acrobatics, or act?  Check out the Disney Auditions page for auditions at resorts or on cruise lines!

April 28
Career Vision Minute
Have you ever wondered how all the animals in the Natural History Museum, Bass Pro Shop, or your friend’s house got there? Check out a degree in taxidermy where you can learn to make works of art, preserve nature, and promote animal education. Or you can take weekend classes here in California, even just as a hobby to stuff your own fish

April 27
Career Vision Minute
Do you love perfume and cologne? Did you know you can take classes to become a perfumer? Artisan classes are offered through distance learning or abroad. You can also check out degrees in cosmetic chemistry and formulation chemistry. F

April 26
Career Vision Minute
Do you love sports and helping people?  Did you know that you can major in Sports Psychology at Long Beach State University  or get a certificate at CSU Dominquez Hills to get the tools you need to work with individuals and teams or even in the business world helping people increase their performance and work as a team. 

April 25
Career Vision Minute
Want to earn your Bachelor’s degree completely online?  Several CSUs offer that option in Business, Human Development, Nursing, Sociology, Computer Science, Social Studies, Liberal Arts, and much more. 

April 24
Career Vision Minute
Do you remember the movie “Along Came Polly”?  Did you know Ben Stiller was an Actuary in the movie?  Actuaries use high level math to assess risk and earn about $50,000 to start.  After about 10 years, they can earn up to $240,000 a year.  You will need to study hard to pass a Calculus level 3 exam, and some colleges have certificate programs to help you, but you do not have to have a college degree.

April 21
Career Vision Minute
Carpenters, Painters, Electricians, Plumbers, Plasterers, and Sheet Metal Workers don’t just have to work residentially or commercially.  Did you know you can join the Local Union 724 and serve the motion picture film industry or work in theme parks? Take some classes for free through the Cuesta Promise and prepare for a career in Hollywood! 

April 20
Career Vision Minute
Did you know you can write greeting cards for Blue Mountain Arts and get paid $300 per greeting card? The Deadline for Christmas and Holiday Cards is fast approaching.  If you prefer photography, the County is having a photo contest for pictures showcasing San Luis Obispo County.  Entries are due by April 28th. 

April 19
Career Vision Minute
If you are a senior and you want to go to a CSU this fall but have yet to apply, Cal Maritime, CSU Channel Islands, CSU Dominquez Hills, CSU Los Angeles, and CSU Monterey Bay are still accepting applications for Fall 2017.

Tuesday, April 18th:
Career Vision Minute
4th of July is coming!  Do you want to learn how to be a pyrotechnical operator or flame thrower?  Or what about having a "blast" and learning about explosive engineering at a summer camp?  You can even earn a PhD in Explosive Engineering! 

Friday April 7
Career Vision Minute
Have you always wanted to learn to sail?  Did you know Cuesta Community Education offers a class for ages 16 and up that will certify you to Sail?  Want to take it further and actually learn about designing, engineering, or repairing ships?  Did you know that CSU Maritime has a degree in Marine Engineering Technology?  In 2013, 97% of their graduates had a job within 3 months and earned an average of $71,000 to start.  The best part you get to go to school at Sea!  How cool is that? 

Thursday April 6
Career Vision Minute
Do you love to do computer programming and find yourself up until 3am working on your latest code?  Check out some programming contests that you may find interesting and challenging.  If you want to turn your programming super powers into ethical hacking, you can also compete in hacker contests, or major in Cyber Security?  There is a great program at CSU San Bernardino.

Wednesday April 5
Career Vision Minute
Do you want free admission, free food, a free jacket, and a free main stage ticket to all the shows at the Mid State Fair this Summer in Paso? Apply to be a Jr. Fair Board member.  All you have to do is attend a few meetings, serve on one committee, and usher each main stage event and it could be yours!  Applications are due in June but you can start applying now.  This is great experience with wonderful perks, and you can write it on your resume and college applications. 

Tuesday April 4
Career Vision Minute
Have you been to Six Flags or Disneyland and could not get enough of the roller coasters?  These rides take a huge variety of skilled engineers years to make and test.  Did you know you can get an online degree in Amusement Park and Coaster Engineering from Ohio University?  Disney also offers hands on learning in person or online.  And University of Florida has a degree in Theme Park and Attraction Management that may be perfect for you! 

Monday April 3
Career Vision Minute
Seniors, you may have heard about the Cuesta Promise Grant that allows you to take two years of college for free if you attend immediately following your senior year.  But what you may not realize is that you can take ANY classes you want!  You don’t even have to take any GE classes.  You can choose classes you’re really interested in, including photography, strength and conditioning, auto repair, welding, graphic design, video production, nutrition, and much more!  You can take just one class, or as many as you can handle.  You can even take all your classes online.  To learn more come to an informational meeting at Cuesta this Wednesday April 5th from 5-7pm. 

March 31
Career Vision Minute
Have you been wanting to learn another language fluently?  Or do you want to pick up just a few key words in a certain language for an upcoming trip? Or do you need help on your foreign language homework?  Open Culture has FREE resources to help you learn over 48 languages ranging from classes, videos, and iTunes.  Remember to list language skills on your resume, no matter how minor, such as “knowledge of basic conversational French” or “ability to read, write, and speak fluently in Spanish”. For links, check out the Counseling page of our AHS website.

March 30
Career Vision Minute
Comic Book Lovers, check this out.  You can major in Comic Book Studies at the  University of Oregon and take classes like Manga Millennium, American Super heros, Tokyo Cyberpunk, and Indie Comics & Zines.  Where would you work?  Go to any comic book convention and every vendor you see there is a potential company to check out.  Want to try your hand at making a comic book?  Check out a link to a free online class  on the Counseling page of our AHS website.

March 29
Career Vision Minute
Do you spend most of your time on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms?  Did you know you can get a Masters Degree in Social Media at USC?   Also, places like Mira Costa Community College offer online courses in Social Media, while many CSUs and UCs offer certificates through Extended Learning like CSU East Bay.  You can even take a free online class through Ohio University to get started, beef up your skills, and see how you like it.   

March 28
Career Vision Minute
Have you spent years in 4H, FFA, or on a farm?  Put all that knowledge on your resume and apply for a job at a local company like Farm SupplyTractor Supply,  or Lemos . Use your 4H and FFA record books, or your class course syllabi, to help list your skills on a job application. 

March 27
Career Vision Minute
Do you love to write? Use your Spring Break to check out these teen writing contests with prizes up to $20,000. Teachers, these are also great for class assignments.  Topics include an essay about the novel Atlas Shrugged , Original PoetryFlash Fiction,  Sonnets, or screenplays.   You can also up your game and watch some videos on Storytelling from Pixar.  For more writing contests open to teens and adults, check out this list on the Counseling page of our AHS website.

March 24
Career Vision Minute
Girls, if you are interested in competing to become Miss California at the Mid State Fair this Summer in Paso, and will be at least 17, check out all the requirements at the fair site. Responsibilities include making public appearances, assisting with fundraisers, visiting local civic group events, etc. These are all great experiences for a college application or resume.

March 23
Career Vision Minute
Have you been considering a career in fire fighting?  Check out programs at Alan Handcock College , Bakersfield College, and Fresno City College.  Even if you don’t want to physically fight fires, you can look into a future in  fire safety and prevention or check out other careers in  Fire Investigation and HAZ MAT.    For links, including a complete list of accredited training programs in CA, check out the Counseling page of our AHS website.

March 22
Career Vision Minute
Starting to think about summer?  Check out jobs at the Ravine or the Mid State Fair in Paso.  If you prefer to surf or hang out at the beach all summer in Cambria, think about exchanging help at a Bed and Breakfast or painting the inside of a cabin in exchange for room and board close to the beach. 

March 21
Career Vision Minute
Have you thought you may enjoy being a Psychologist?  With the Atascadero State Hospital it is easy to get into the field with the Psychiatric Tech Program at Cuesta. After just one year you can start as a trainee at $2,500 a month working alongside nurses and psychologists who attend to the mental health of patients at the facility.  Information meetings are coming up in April, and the deadline to apply for Fall 2017 is May 5th.   

March 20
Career Vision Minute
Do you sing, have a band, or could you put together a small roving act and want to perform at the Mid State Fair?  They are seeking applications for performers by March 31st.   If acting is more your thing, audition on April 1st and 2nd for the Shakespeare Festival taking place this summer in SLO.  Planning ahead for Christmas, Family Care Network is in search of actors to be a part of their Polar Express event on December 10th.   

March 17
Career Vision Minute

Learning Express is a free online program available for use with your SLO Library Card that will help you prepare for your ACT, PSAT, SAT, and AP Tests.  Reminder, there are fee waivers available for those who qualify and need help paying to take all the tests.   

March 16, 2017
Career Vision Minute
Did you know that U-Haul is just one of the companies that allows you to work from home as a reservation agent and you only have to be 16?   Not only will they pay you to do a training from home to get started, but you get to communicate with your customers using instant messenger.  This can be a great part time job for the summer or especially as you head off to college that does not even require you to leave your house or dorm.

March 15, 2017
Career Vision Minute: There are three local fairs coming up where you can enter projects in art, photography, agriculture, welding, cooking, and much more to win money and prizes.  The first one is in King City, the second is in Paso, and the third is in Santa Maria.

March 14, 2017
Career Vision Minute: If you have a SLO County Library Card, and pass a basic safety test, you can get 15 hours of free access a week in the SLO  Makers Space .  Use the space to do ceramics, 3D printing, laser cutting, woodworking, welding, and much more!  For links, check out the Counseling page of our AHS website.

March 10, 2017
Career Vision Minute: Many Universities in California offer a program where you can study in other states through a program called the National Student Exchange, which helps you avoid expensive out of state tuition fees.  Imagine studying for a semester in Hawaii, New York, or Florida for the same price you would pay to go to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.  

March 9, 2017
Career Vision Minute: Want to spend your summer outside and be paid for it?  If you are at least 15, consider applying for the Youth conservation Corps.  You will get hands on experience building and repairing trails, preserving and repairing historic buildings, removing invasive species, helping with wildlife and land research, and leading environmental education.

March 8, 2017
Career Vision Minute: Foster care youth, be sure to check out the Chafee Grant which, in addition to other funding you qualify for, will make going to college, or getting job training, free. For links, check out the Counseling page of our AHS website.

March 7, 2017
Career Vision Minute: Do you dabble in welding?  Want to take it to a smaller scale and incorporate your love of art to make jewelry?  Check out the jewelry and metal smithing programs at Monterey PeninsulaPalomar, and Santa Ana community colleges.  

March 6, 2017
Career Vision Minute: Have you always wanted to study abroad?  Did you know that there are a handful of countries that allow Americans to study abroad at Universities free of charge, or at a very low cost?  Be sure to do your research, read reviews, find out about validity of the degrees here in America, and talk to American graduates from the programs.

March 3, 2017
Career Vision Minute: Do you love tractors?  Not only is there an International Tractor Show coming to Santa Margarita this May where you can visit or even volunteer, but you can also enter a contest at the Santa Maria fair this summer.  First Place for a Tractor Restoration Project takes home $4,000.  For links, check out the Counseling page of our AHS website.

March 2, 2017
Career Vision Minute: If you are considering playing sports at a D1 or D2 school, you will need to go online and fill out the NCAA Clearinghouse forms to prove eligibility.  If you are looking to play at a D3 school, you do not need to register with the clearinghouse.  Not sure where to start?  Read all about College Athletics and the recruiting process on the Clearinghouse Website.   

March 1, 2017
Career Vision Minute: Do you need community service credit, or do you want to build your resume in your areas of interest?  You can volunteer at a State Park reenacting history, planning special events, giving animal talks, leading tours, cataloging specimens in a nature center, doing park maintenance, protecting native plants, and much much more!  

February 28, 2017
Career Vision Minute: The Paso Robles Youth Arts Foundation offers FREE classes for youth up to 18 years old in Breakdancing, Guitar, Voice, Ballet, Theater, Creative Dance, Piano, Band, Jazz, Art, Hip Hop, Song Writing, Acting, Drums, Creative Writing, and Improv.  Again, these are FREE classes, so be sure to sign up ASAP. 

Career Vision Minute:  San Luis Obispo County is full of wineries.  Want to work in a popular local industry?  Check out the Wine and Viticulture Degree at Cal Poly where you will touch on everything from agriculture to chemistry to business as you prepare to be the next local workforce in this industry.

Career Vision Minute:  Want to work for Cuesta this summer as a swim instructor or teach swimming elsewhere? Check out the Water Safety class they are offering.  You are guaranteed an interview to teach for them after you complete the class.

Career Vision Minute:  Horse lovers: Many of the California Community Colleges offer coursework and degrees in Equine Science.  Check them out at College of the Sequoias, Cosumnes River, Feather River, Los Angeles Pierce, Merced, Modesto, Mt. San Antonio, and Santa Rosa Junior Colleges.

Career Vision Minute:  If you are interested in working with children this summer as a lifeguard, camp counselor, or recreation aid, get a head start by taking CPR and First Aid so you can list that you are certified on your applications.  For classes in SLO visit redcross.org, and for classes in Atascadero visit RobDerrick.com.

Career Vision Minute:  Did you know that there are 11 California Community Colleges that offer on-campus housing options that are far more affordable than you even living at home because you can use your financial aid to assist you with the expenses.  From the beautiful campus in Mammoth Lakes where you can enjoy skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer, to Taft which is less than 2 hours away.

Career Vision Minute:  Maybe you have grown up playing sports and have even volunteered with sports in the past but did you know you can get paid to referee and keep score?  Places like the YMCA and City Parks & Rec need people like you to keep their sports programs up and running. For info, check out the Counseling page of our AHS website.  http://www.sloymca.org/employment/  

Career Vision Minute:  For all of you who love hiking, camping, rock climbing, ropes courses, and extreme sports:  Did you know you can get a college degree in these things and get paid teaching others or managing programs that offer these?  For example, Fresno State offers a program in Adventure Recreation Tourism and Allan Hancock offers a program in Recreation Management.

Career Vision Minute:  Allan Hancock College is just one of the many California Community Colleges offering a degree in cosmetology.  In their program you will learn about the care and styling of hair, the care of complexion, hands and feet, hygiene, customer relations, and salon management.  www.hancockcollege.edu/academic_departments/cosmetology/

Career Vision Minute:  It is Valentine's Day!  Did you give or receive flowers?  Who makes all those amazing bouquets?  You can, by taking just 5 vocational classes through Allan Hancock Community Education.  Learn all the skills you need to work in a floral shop doing floral design quickly and affordably. www.hancockcollege.edu/community_education/documents/Floral%20Design%20Brochure.pdf

Career Vision Minute:  Do you love to draw digitally?  If you can make simple graphics that could be reproduced on homework sheets, classroom posters, PowerPoints, and other educational products, you can sell your artwork to teachers who make curriculum on a website called Teachers Pay Teachers.  You can also try your hand at making your own curriculum for any grade or subject.  Simply upload your products and Teachers Pay Teachers does the rest.  It's a great way to earn some extra money doing something you love.  To get started, check out what others are selling and what is most popular!  .  www.TeachersPayTeachers.com/

Career Vision Minute: Do you love to scuba dive?  Taking welding classes or interested in exploring it more?  Did you know you can go to Santa Barbara City College and do both while you become a certified Underwater Scuba Dive Welder? For info, check out this website.

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