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Thursday Bulletin

Career Vision Minute – Want to tinker around this summer?  Check out SLO Robotics free meetings several times a month where you can bring your current robotic project or check out those of other humanoids.  If robots are not your thing, check out all the cool tools you can use FREE of charge at the SLO Makers Space with your County Library Card.  They have throwing wheels, kilns, 3D printer, welding equipment, power tools, laser cutter, engravers, router, etc.  For links, check out the Counseling page of our AHS website.

 If you are a current sophomore receiving a 3.0 or better, you will be receiving a study hall opt out form today.  Students must earn a minimum of a 3.0 GPA for the last semester of their sophomore year and meet attendance requirements to be eligible for study hall opt out.  Finish strong to be considered!

If you paid for a Yearbook and have not picked it up – go to room I-2 at any time. There are still a number of students who purchased a yearbook that have not picked it up yet.  Check the list around campus to see if your name is on it.  If so… come to room I-2 TODAY!  If you still want to purchase one – go to the ASB window or pay online at the AHS Web store.

Last day of school!  Students, you must have all textbooks and classroom novels returned by the end of today.  You will receive a bill for any school materials not returned by the end of the school year.

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